Announcing the WCF REST Starter Kit

The WCF REST Starter Kit is live on the web as of today! It’s chock full of samples, guidance, and new bits for helping WCF developers tie all the pieces of the WCF Web Programming Model together.

When I talk to customers about the API’s for building REST services we added to WCF in .NET 3.5, most people “get it” at some abstract level but come away really wishing for deeper guidance and samples on how to use the platform to address common problems. To answer some of those questions, we’ve taken about 20 of the top customer questions and put them into the REST Starter Kit download as SDK samples so you can look at code and see how the API’s are used in practice.

We’ve also gotten some requests around improving our experience in Visual Studio. To that end, we’ve taken 5 common use cases for WCF REST and turned them into Visual Studio templates to speed the developer experience. These scenarios including building an Atom feed, exposing singleton and collection resources over HTTP in a RESTful way, as well as simple XML and AJAX services. Aaron Skonnard from Pluralsight has recorded a great series of screencasts that show off the new developer experience. There are also some great hands-on labs to help you get started.

There’s also a new developer center on MSDN: This is the one stop shop for people interested in learning more about using WCF and .NET to build REST services.

Finally – this is the most interesting part – all of the REST starter kit bits are available today in source code form via the WCF Rest Starter Kit CodePlex site. There are a some fun new features and helper classes in the CodePlex library that I’m going to be talking about in my “Building RESTful Services” talk this Thursday at PDC. So if you’re in LA I hope to see you there (yes, it’s at 8:30 AM but I’m hoping to power through…)

#1 Silverlight Travel on 12.07.2008 at 2:24 AM

Great Kit. Together with you video on pdc 2008 very helpful